Sunday, June 29, 2008

Week Three...

What a difference a week makes!  We must have been saving up our quality play for a quality opponent.  Either that or everyone on the team responds positively to negative reinforcement, and my speech about getting The Golden Girls to play really paid dividends.  I'm just going to assume it was the latter of the two and keep giving as much criticism as I can.  The success of the team means that much to me.  Those of you who know me know that the last thing I ever want to do is point out a flaw, or say a disparaging word about another one of God's creatures, my Mother raised me right (and it has recently come to my attention that she reads this blog, HI MOM!).

Funny story about our first win, all of which is true by the way.  The week started off with a nightmare, literally.  Monday morning I woke up with a jolt.  I had just had a dream that bears were attacking people.  Giant bears were breaking into people homes and killing them, it was one of those very vivid dreams were everything is clear and in color, you know the kind.   It might sound stupid, nightmares usually do, but when I woke up I was a little shaken.  I even mentioned it to someone later in the day because it stayed with me for a while.  At the time I didn't know what it meant, but Thursday I really started thinking about the team we were playing Friday.  Chico's Bail Bonds.  The name comes from one of the all time funny movies The Bad News Bears.  BEARS!  My subconscious, or something, was trying to send me a message, but I wasn't taking the hint because I still couldn't see the big picture.  I prefer to communicate in a much more direct way, which could also be one of the many reasons I don't have a girlfriend.  Fast forward to Thursday night, obviously frustrated with me, the Universe took a much more direct path.  Television executives gave me hundreds of shows and movies to watch that night, but I watched only two, Road House, and The Bad News Bears.  What are the odds that those two movies would be on the same night the day before we had a showdown between Chico's and the Double Deuce?  After watching them I realized something I had forgotten, at the end of the movie, the Bears lose!  As we all know the Double Deuce wins in the end of Road House, but 99% of the time the hero wins, the Bears didn't and I had missed that fact.  Something out in the cosmos need me to get that message, who knows maybe I have some alien relative that is looking out for us. 
To be honest I gave us little chance on Friday, but there were larger forces at work.  I would like to take credit but how can I when every single person got on base?  Sure we didn't rack up a ton of runs but we completely overwhelmed them with base runners.  Not only that we locked them down on defense, and we had a little Tatum O'Neal of our own on the pitchers mound throwing smoke.  I was very happy with how things went.  We had a solid chance at winning game two for the sweep, but they placed some nice kicks that we couldn't get to and ended up squeaking out a win like a fart in church.

Lots of nominations for Ass of the Week.  Autum and Erica kicked the crap out of the ball.  Ang made it on base for the first time ever, Steve had a couple circus catches.  Hell the whole team played great.  I considered giving it to Timmy for having a few very uncharacteristic butter-finger plays, but thought better of it.  Ass of the Week goes to Shannon for her wonderful pitching performance.  Way to go Shannon, two weeks in a row, one for not so good reasons, and one for a great performance.

No game this week have a great 4th.  

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