Friday, June 13, 2008

A Hard Rain Is Gonna Fall....

So, it's Friday at 5:15, I'm home and ready to play some kickball later, but that Bitch Mother Nature is getting in my way.  I looked at the weather map and the whole state of Michigan looks like a soiled Kleenex Leah used during a severe sinus infection, 3 different shades of green with some red spots sprinkled in there.  

Needless to say I'm not to happy about it, we had a solid squad and a weak team to play against.  The Bonsall's were in town from the U.P., and now we have a make up game which will screw me come August 16th at the Port Hope Kickball Tournament.  Plus last weeks "Ass of the Week" was coming back to try to go 2 in a row.

Looks like Cross, Kerri, and Autum won't miss a game after all.

Turns out Friday the 13th IS unlucky, right?!?  Cause the game got canceled...that's unlucky right?

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