Thursday, June 26, 2008

Week Two...

Week two, which was actually week 4, was not pretty.  Not much to say really.  I saw a girl hit a home run...just not for our team.  That sticks out more than anything.  I could go on and on, but I want to shed myself from that negative week.  Lucky for me Road House is on WGN as I type and it's doing a wonderful job of recharging my battery's (Assist to Brian Bonsall for sending me a text to let me know it was on).  Right now in the movie Dalton's whole world is falling apart....I know how you feel Sway-z...I know how you feel.

What we need to do is come together.  Play a little smarter (Oh God, Dalton's best and only friend was just murdered, I sure feel sorry for whoever did it, cause Dalton looks pissed!)  What I noticed more than anything in the last game was people standing around on defense.  I think this week we need to concentrate on "getting in the game".  If you are playing in the outfield and the ball is hit in the infield, get yourself in position to back up a throw.  If a girl is up remember to adjust your position in the field, she can't hit it over your head, but she can hit it over an infielders head, so get as close to the infield as you can.  If you're in the infield (Dalton just killed like 4 dudes!) remember to run the player back to the base so they can't sneak an extra base in.  Remeber if we get every girl out (Very tense right now Dalton is considering killing the main villain......he didn't, thank God, but some other guys did.  Good guys won.) they can't run the score up on us.   All we need to do is play a little smarter and we are going to give ourselves a better chance to win....that and stop kicking the ball like we play for the Shady Pines Retirement Home Tuesday afternoon rec league.  Honestly, we would be better off if we had Betty White, Bea Arthur and the rest of the Golden Girls out there kicking for us.  I'm not pointing finger because I'm just as guilty as everyone else, but we really suck at kicking, and since we are playing 'kick'ball it's really starting to become an issue.  

Ass of the Week goes to Shannon due to the opposing girl kicking her home run to left field, which Shannon was playing.

Game is at 6:30 at CP2.  Take 696 to Coolidge South.  Go 1/2 mile to Oak Park Blvd.  Turn Right (west) go past all the buildings to the big parking lot, it's the main field right there.  We have bathrooms as well.  

Quick question, who is the hottest Golden Girl.  Rank'em, and give your reasons why.


Anonymous said...

Ranking the Golden Girls....

#1 Slot goes to Rose(Betty White); there's just nothing better than a hot, dumb girl.

#2 Slot goes to Blanch; if it's not a hot dumb girl, the next best is a kinda hot easy girl!

#3 Slot goes to Sophia; simply because the worst of the four is Dorothy.

#4 Slot goes to Dorothy; the most awful type of woman: not super attractive and really bitchy/moody.

One of your sister in laws

Anonymous said...

Beer - Tim and Sarah.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed the first responder new all their names and also happy at the same time that you jogged my fond memory of my favorite old birds.

that said my ranking would be:

1. Blanch-besides being the hottest, the easier the better.

2. Dorothy-something attractive about and old baggle that takes no shit from anyone.

3. Rose-stupidty definately has its qualities.

4. Sophia-after about a case of beer...I could see sparks flying with anyone.

Have fun tonight, Fox