Thursday, November 20, 2008

Will I Get Dumber Now?

(Not mine pictured)

Today I had parts of my skull ripped from my face!  The people at work said that was a little "dramatic", but who are they to judge?  It's kind of an amazing process really.  I got to the Dr's office at 1:50, I was in the chair by 2 or so, they had the gas going by 2:05, a couple of needle pricks, then listing to two Old Hen's talk about their lives for a few minutes.  The Doctor came in and did his thing, I honestly have no idea what he did.  There were pliers, a drill, and....I think that was it.  I was out the door at 2:25.  I was at Rite Aid longer....

All I can say is thank God it's 2008.  Having in that done 50 years ago would have been awful.  Just the amount of pressure it took to get them out...  I couldn't imagine doing it without some sort of drug.  Right now I'm watching Policy Academy 4 and it is more painful to watch than it was to have my teeth pulled.  I'm still not sure what's going to happen in the next few hours or days, but right now I'm still bleeding pretty bad, but only in a marginal amount of pain.

I would also like to say what a great thing "Laughing Gas" is.  I was all buzzed up.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Here Comes Christmas Again!!!

I bought a computer back in May of this year, and the first widget I added to my desktop was a countdown clock to Christmas. As we sit at this moment it shows 36 Days 3 hours and 6 minutes to go..... I can't wait!!!

Even though my feelings about Christmas have changed a lot over the years in many was they've stayed the same. When I was little we would do the Christmas Eve Service every year, I would get a new sweater then stand up in front of the church with all the other kids and say "In those day Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world..." Then we would go to Grandma & Grandpa Iseler's to open presents and watch my uncles get drunk. We would get home around midnight, watch the Mass at St. Peters in Rome and go to bed then get up at 6:00am to open presents. Fast forward 20 years, now I'm the uncle getting drunk and instead of Mass we watch "A Christmas Story"....

4 years ago Chad and I started a tradition of our own.... We try to keep it as Christmassy as possible, and we have spread lots and lots of Christmas Cheer over the years. I attached 1 or 2 of the pics from last years Formal Outing... Click here if you want to see what it's all about.

Also, a Gold Star to every person who learns this dance before December 6th, and performs it at some point in the night. Nerissa, Autum, Lesley....I'm thinking you 3.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Have I Just Lost Interest? Or Have I become Uninteresting?

Ok, I get it.  Once a month updates to the blog are not going to fly.  I have heard from several different people that I need to be more diligent with my posting.  So I decided to give you a picture of the most amazing thing ever to help make up for it.
Google Images is silly

I'm not 100% sure why I have been so lazy lately.  I do tend to get bored easily, that may be playing a big role.  However, I just don't really think I have all that much to post about right now.  So, have I lost interest, or am I just uninteresting?  In reality it's probably a little bit from Column A and a little bit from Column B.  So I have been making a list of things to write about to help organize my thoughts.
1.  I never did a proper post about the Kickball Tournament.  Although, I think a couple people would thank me for that (Todd, Autum, probably Mike, not Chad, but most of Chad's team...).  Lot's of good stuff from that weekend, I can honestly say I've never see the Hotel such a mess.
2.  I was cleaning out my car and I found some papers dating back to May 5, 2005, a day that will live in infamy...  The day 3 young men traveled 376 miles and stopped at every Taco Bell they saw.  That's a story my friends, that's a story indeed.
3.  Halloween.
4.  The Christmas Cruise, this could be a couple good ones.
5.  Christmas YEAH!
6.  There is a good "HoCo Korner" out there just waiting to get posted!

That should do it for now.  It's a cheap post, but hey, it's a post, right?  Better than nothing, right?  I mean if you had to choose between nothing and this post you would take this post, right?  Alright, so maybe this wasn't such a funny post, so please enjoy these clips of something that has always made me giggle.