Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So I haven't posted anything in Months.  Since before Thanksgiving.....I didn't do the math yet but are we closer to Thanksgiving 2009 than we are Thanksgiving 2008?  Is it possible for memory's that haven't happened yet to be clearer than ones that happened a few months ago?  Ok, that was an Irish Car Bomb talking, I'm not sorry because it's St. Patty's Day.

I wrote 2 other blog entires since then but didn't post them.  One was about the Christmas Cruise, which was... Well we lost a lot of good people out there.  Then I wrote one about how depressing winter was.  It was right at the end of January when it had been below 32 degrees for the entire month, save 15 hours (I wish that was a made up number, but if you remember 2009 started out like the movie The Day After Tomorrow ended).

I figured today was a good day to get things going again.  Not only is it a religious holiday, it was also a beautiful day outside today.  Just as the sap has started running in the trees the blood in my veins is starting to unthaw and heat up my competitive juices.  So to my players, I say it's time to limber up.  I really only care if we win one game this season.... It's a specific game and I will get more into that later, but it will be a day that is circled on my calendar this year for sure.  It's going to take a lot of solid play to get there, but I think the Bayside Tigers can accomplish anything they set their minds to.  (The movie Unfaithful just started on TBS, Diane Lane is easy on the eyes huh?)

And just like the daffodil's are starting to bud, a young kickball season is starting to grow.

I'm pretty sure I lost a lot of my readers over the many many months of absenteeism, but recently I suddenly lost probably my most loyal reader, and without a question this Kickball Teams biggest supporter.  I can't help but think about Don Finkel Jr. when I write this first post in many months, I know there will be many kickball oriented things that will remind me of Don over the next several weeks, months, and years.  He told me a few weeks ago that he checked my blog all the time hoping I would update it.  Well, this is the first post.