Monday, June 9, 2008

"Ass of the Week"

Tradition: an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior (as a religious practice or a social custom).  

That's what Webster called Tradition.  Tradition is Mistletoe at Christmas, Easter Baskets in the Spring, Fire Works on the 4th of July, eating and drinking to much at an NFL draft party, every 5th payday picking out a person at random at the mall following them home getting their address then sending them dirty pictures, or a note that just says "ONly 39 dAys LeFt, usE tHem wiSelY" written in chicken blood, in the mail on obscure holiday's like, Flag Day, Arbor Day, Take Your Daughter To Work Day.....crap, kind of let that one slip.

Well I'm proud to say this Team has a Tradition.  Every week a player earns the "Ass of the Week" award.  A player is picked for doing something outstanding, it doesn't have to be directly related to the field, it just has to be memorable.  I base my decision on several variables.  Effort, humor, unexpected events, beer consumption (mine and yours), weather, it could literally be anything, and it starts from the start of the week until everyone is in bed that night.   Every week we start from scratch, and as they say, the cream rises to the top each and every week. 

I call it the "Ass of the Week" as a term of endearment, call it my sick sense of humor, call it getting lucky and stumbling across that awesome trophy, call it whatever you want, but thats our tradition, thats our Mistletoe.

Homework for the week.  Write a post "What "Ass of the Week" means to me.


dirtdawg50k said...

Coach, Rather than write some diatribe about "Ass of the Week" means to me, i would like to focus my training to raising my tolerance for alcoholic consumption which will surely correlate to my success on the field.

Pro Ass

Anonymous said...

I hope that means you wrote that with a beer in your hand Mike, otherwise you are just ducking your responsibility. You in for the game Friday?