Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Friday's Game

Quick note, the game is at 8:00pm this Friday.  What this means to you.

1) The game is behind the pool at "the main fields on Oak Park Blvd and Coolidge, which means...
3) Lots of time for pre-drinking before the game. (Please note I am known to pull myself out of games when they start late, due to lose of motor skills).
4) Our Rival is going to be playing on the field at 6:30, which means I will be at the field early(around 7) to watch the competition and try to get some sun on my pale legs.  But mostly to make a scene and talk some crap to Marilyn and her crappy team.
5) Lot of time to pre-drink before the game.
6) The Freeballers are 0-4, but they have faced some tough competition, so we still have to show up and play a good solid game.

So far the team for Friday is:
Ryan, Brian,  Tim, Mike, Rick, Scott, Steve
Sarah, Leah, Erica, Shannon, Leigh, Ang

Rick, it sounds like Jen is out but is Lauren in?  Not sure what is going to happen after the game but with the Bonsall's having a babysitter and the whole family in town I'm sure it will be an early night and Brian and Shannon will both be speaking english at 12:30 (incase it didn't translate well over text, that was about as sarcastic as I can be)

Good for now.

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Anonymous said...

Strong and Tim on beer.