Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Episode 2 - Dancing to the Max

Well this wouldn't be much of a Saved By the Bell Kickball Blog if I didn't mention what went down last night.  Autum texted me at 1:19am and told me to turn on Fallon, had I known now what I didn't know then, I would have actually woke up and turned it on.  Click on the pic to see what went down.  I've never been interested in the Jimmy Fallon show, but today I found out he is only Kelly and Screech away from a reunion on his show.  I'm going to have to pay a little closer attention.

So this past week we played The Green Valley Team and didn't do so hot.  Long story short, we still have not broken into the "Double U" column, but for the second week in a row we put up a pretty good fight.  Our offense was much improved and we managed to score more than 2 runs.  However, Green Valley had a knack for kicking it to where we were not, and managed to score more than we did.  

During the second game I was in the dugout as Nerissa kicked.  I couldn't see home plate but I saw Nerissa (Kicking out of the Lisa Turtle position) knock the ball back to the pitcher.  They were working the ball over to 1st to get the 3rd out of the inning, but I didn't see Nerissa trying to make it to first.  So I yelled "Don't give up on it!" Because lots of times a team can make a mistake and change the whole game.  Then I looked to see Nerissa laying on the ground, I had not known that she fell.  Sorry Nerissa.  However, the best part was when she went running out to Left Center to play some defense.  She was limping pretty bad, and Tim yelled out "Hey, look at Lisa!  She's doing the Sprain!"  Which was pretty much the perfect thing to say at the time, I did a quick look around to see if Casey Kasem was around, but he wasn't.

I played for the first time this year after sitting out the first game due to an abundance of players.  It felt great, I really didn't think I would miss it as much as I did.  

Kickball really is a fun sport, and I'm glad I play it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


So I know this is suppose to be a Kickball Blog, but I've had a... Day.

Woke up this morning and my legs were a little sore from kickball, but no big deal, I'm 29 now and things don't work the same as they use to.  Leah wanted to go to Eastern Market in downtown Detroit, and I was all for it.  I really enjoy that place.  The people watching is great and it is full of food.  It's only 15 minutes from my front door and on a warm pre-summer day it truly is a great place to spend a Saturday.  So anyway I was buying some fresh blueberry's and Blackberry's  AT THE SAME TIME!!!  So I reached into my pocket and pulled out my wallet and my loose pocket walking around money.  I paid for my goods and proceeded to the next vendor.  90 seconds later I realized my wallet was not in my pocket, and ran back to the blueberry exhibit.  What I found was....nothing.  So long story short, lost my wallet, 100% my fault.  

Fast forward 2.5 hours.  For some reason, I think Pineapple juice sounds GREAT!  I don't know if you have ever read this blog before or met me, but getting a solid buzz on, sounded even better.  And lucky for me my Friend Leah was kind enough to lend me some money until I get back on my feet.

So there I was, at the liquor store.  I had some pineapple juice at the house, all I needed was rum.  Now I've been to this liquor store a few dozen times in the past 4 years, but the guy behind the counter and I have never been in the same room together until this moment.  Now in our lives we have all "met this guy" before.  Nice guy, you can tell by looking.  About 22-23 years old, and has dedicated his life to being cool, but not trendy.  Long hair, and a beard.  Large ear phones around his neck, so that when no customers are in the store he can listen to some obscure wonderful music none of us have ever heard before.  Right before this guys takes his 15 minute break, in walks R.W. (Me) with some sort of weird craving that only a pregnant Jamaican alcoholic would have.
R.W. - "I'm looking for some rum."
Cool Guy - "Ok."
R.W. - "I'll take that Parrot Bay" (Boy that didn't sound right coming out of my mouth, I've never drank this before in my life why am I buying it?)
Cool Guy - (Looking at me with my hat turned backwards so he can't see my gray hair or balding head) "Can I see some I.D.?" (while giving me stink eye)
R.W. - "No.  My wallet was stolen this afternoon."
Cool Guy - (Obviously thinking I'm lying and 19, because only an asshole, homosexual, or woman would drink this.) "Uh.... I can't sell you this without some I.D." (Then yelling to the girl I've seen in there a few dozen times) "Hey, this guy doesn't have any I.D."
Girl that works there - "He's Ok."
Cool Guy - "Enjoy your, your Parrot BAY!" (with an extreme emphasis on 'bay' as if to say: "I cannot believe you are buying this, you are a joke")

Easily one of the most embarrassing/funny moment I've had in a long time.

So.....Perspective.  I should be upset.  We lost 2 close kickball games last night.  I lost at least $85 cash, maybe more, and my wallet.  Had to shut down all my card and get new ones.  I had a carving for some booze I've never drank before, and it's the biggest woman drink in the history of liquids.  It was worse than buying rubbers from a relative that works at the local drug store who knows I'm dating a girl she use to babysit for... Just incase you are wondering.

I should be mad, however, I think this is a great day.  I've experienced some inconveniences today that would have spun some people out.  I've come out of the day with a couple great stories that will last a life time.  According to my bank, in 7 to 10 days this will all be behind me.  But that awkward moment I shared with that guy in the liquor store will last forever.

But all I can see is the humor in it.  Perspective... It's a wonderful thing.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Episode 1 - The Fight

It wasn't until Saturday afternoon that I realized that the other team wasn't even drinking.  I'm not saying you have to have 11 beers to have fun playing kickball, in fact it's been a long time since I've had to pull myself out of a game due to alcohol related issues.  However, I would say 9 times out of 10 a few bowls of loud mouth soup are involved whenever I see someone as upset as some of the people on Black Shirted Valley's team that we played last Friday.

I realize that we are a vocal team and that we can come off as aggressive, but when Kelly Kapowski, err Kerri Dhyse gets "lippy" with the other team, and A.C. Wehner gets called out into the parking lot, something is up.  Now if it were Bonsall (pick one), Autum, or me.... I wouldn't even mention it here, because we probably would have done plenty to start it.  But as I was watching this guy from Black Valley scream at us like he was Leon Carosi and we where the charming good looking high school kids he hired to run his Beach Resort for the summer only he was using the F-Bomb very liberally and all I could say was "Easy guy, it's only Kickball." it's got to be out of line right?  

Even though we didn't get a "W" out of the evening, I think we played really well.  The defense was outstanding, our biggest weakness was what it always is, kicking.  Getting runs across the plate was harder than passing a Mr. Dewey Geometry Mid-Term and practicing for an all girl singing group all during the same week.  But I have good news for you.  We can solve this problem the same way the gang solved Jessie's sevier drug problem.  We work together.  Don't put too much pressure on each other, and stay positive.  The runs will come.