Thursday, July 31, 2008

Season's Come and Season's Go...

Friday will be our last "regular season game" this year.  After that it's all tournament style, the thought of this has given me an ulcer the size of Tim's areola.  This week we play at CP2 at 6:30.  That is the 'main' field.  Go to the corner of Coolidge and Oak Park Blvd turn west and go one block to the softball field there.

Leah said she would bring beer, and I think someone else said they would too....I can't remember.  Cross get on that, we might need a lot, especially if people are going go over to The Bonsall's after the game, I expect a Shit Show.  Sounds like we are going to have the meat and potato's of our team this week, and we are going to need it because we are going to find ourselves in a vicious cockfight with Son's of Pitches this week.  They are 8-4 overall, and I have deep seeded hate and aggression toward this team for several reasons.  Nothing would please me more than to come out with a couple of victory's.  Should that happen, don't be surprised to find yourself being high fived, ass slapped, or with both our hands clasped with our arms extended as we spin in circles with tears of laughter running down our apple red cheeks.
I've been battling some sort of respiratory infection Timmy was kind enough to bring back with him from Wisconsin.  I'm coughing like I'm married to Edgar Allen Poe, and sniffing like I'm a stock broker in Manhattan in the mid 1980's.  I've developed quit a little Dextromethorphan habit in the last few days, so if I start talking about little green monkey's or asking to borrow money tomorrow just ignore me and give me a bottle of Tussin and send me on my way.  Got to go, Roadhouse is on tonight, and I've already missed the beginning, so I now I won't be able to catch up on the complex character development or plot line F!  Someone remind me to talk about T-Shirts for Port Hope tomorrow.

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