Monday, July 21, 2008

Week Five...

I'm pretty happy with the way things went Friday.  Granted, we were playing against a bunch of people that had never played before and had no idea what they were doing, but when you're 1-7 you take what you can get.  With, Brian, Shannon , Strong, Jen, Lauren, Tim, Aman, Leah, Autum, Fox, Jacki, Steve, and Erica all unavailable to make the game I had my work cut out for me trying to get a team together.  (Side note: HBO has a documentary about Heidi Fleiss starting a brothel in Nevada on right now.  Sounds good right?  7 minutes in I'm rating it unwatchable.)  Lucky for me, and the rest of the team, Kerri Dhyse was on point and picked up two quality girls from work.  

However, at about 1 o'clock Friday I found myself one dude short.  I had made a couple of calls with little success.  Then in a stroke of genius I called my old co-worker Matt Hambright, a 6' 6" 235lb monster who apparently hates kickball's because he kicked them like they stood his sister up for prom.  

The ACS girls, Megan and Holly showed up and played great.  (So now I'm watching Beerfest, quality comedy, but I don't like that the beer in the last scene is CGI, seems to forced.)  The whole team played great defense from the get go, and being a defensive minded player this got me motivated.  I ended up making the best catch of my life, it was a lovely over the shoulder Willie Mays meets Jerry Rice meets an unathletic fat 12 year old boy taking his first ballet lesson for Blair's cousin Geri from The Facts of Life. (Ah, Brewsters Millions is on, good night on HBO.  If anyone was trying to think of a good gift to get me I'll take the Richard Pryor Box Set "And It's Deep Too".  It's a 9 CD set, you can get it on, I've had my eye on it for a while).

"Ass of the Week" honors could go several ways again.  Angela LaRosa ran the bases like she was trying out for he U.S. Olympic team.  After reaching first on the 1st baseman's error, Ang was no longer satisfied with just reaching first anymore.  After a poor throw got away from the defense Ang rounded 1st and went straight to second.  She then sat patiently while the next kicker placed a ball that would have for sure been a forced out if she had ran.  The next kicker advanced her to third, and the one after that brought her home.  The funny part was that as she was leaving the dugout she handed her sunglasses to Cross and said "Hold these please." to which he replied, "You'll get them back after you score."  Hambright, should be noticed for hitting for the cycle, Megan and Holly 'get some' for playing very smart and heading out to the bar afterwards.  However, "Ass of the Week" goes to Kerri.  Not only did she pitch well, get on base several times, and score a run, she has been key in getting the team ready to play the past couple of weeks.  Way to go Kerri!

Kerri is the subject of the first Kickball Korner "Separated at Birth".  Way to go on the 2'fer Kelly Kapowski, er...I mean Kerri!


Anonymous said...

Ryan - I wanted to let you know I will not be able to to play this Friday, I have to help Steve move to Indiana - Sarah

Anonymous said...

Meg pitched not me... I Can't take credit.

Anonymous said...

Steve's moving already?!?!? Is he going to make it to PH on the 16th?