Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So Friday is going to be a "Do or Die" situation, in no way is that an exaggerating.   In order to keep the season going we need to win, something we have had problems doing this year.
After realizing what a stupid saying "Do or Die" is I Google Imaged it to see what came up.  This was the first thing that caught my eye.  In my mind this line never ends, it's just one of the mind boggling things that are done in the Pacific Rim.  To quote one of my favorite movies 'Robocop' "I'd buy that for a dollar!"

I received the playoff schedule on Monday, and everything looked good and in proper order, so naturally on Tuesday the Oak Park Rec department had to send out 2 completely different ones that didn't make any sense.  Friday at 6:30 we will be playing 'The Jerkstore' at the "main fields" where we played last week.  The good news is, win or lose we stay at those fields all night, which mean we will have bathroom access the entire time.  I think we have a great chance at beating the Jerkstore this time around, we are much more well seasoned, Shannon had not implemented her fastball when we played the first time, and we have some new blood on the team this time around, so I'm expecting good things.

Remember, this could end up being a night we stay at the field until close to 10:00 depending on if we win a couple of games.  The most we could play is 4.  

I'm a little disappointed in the turn out but we should have a good team on the field.  Let me know if this is correct.  For guys I have, Ryan, Brian, Tim, Hambright, and Tuzz.  For girls I have Autum, Shannon, Ang, Jen, and Sarah.  We have a good mix and we should be able to compete pretty well.  Any volunteers for beer duty?


Anonymous said...

Don't you love Japanese phone company girls? What a great pic. I have no idea how it's tied to do or die, but not much in Japan makes sense (trust me, I used to live there).

I'm with you in spirit tomorrow night.


Shannon said...

I know Bri's and my names are right. we will be there ready to win:)

we only brought beer once so we'll bring a case to put in someone's cooler:)