Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This morning while lying in the dentist chair staring up at a man wearing a mask drilling into my face, as tiny bits of my tooth went flying out of my mouth and landed on the paper bib they strapped around my neck with a telephone cord and two roach clips, I had one thought: “I bet this is just how the Absolute Ballers felt as we ran them up and down the Kickball Field last night. They must have had that same dull aching pain of defeat in their mouth.

It was a good start to the 2010 season, we won both games, but more important we had some nice young blood join the group. In my humble opinion the perfect Kickball team is made up of diehard, battle tested, highly skilled, and knowledgeable veterans, mixed in with some blood thirsty, ravenous, put on this Earth to play Kickball rookies. And that my friends, is just what we had last night.

I’ve been playing for a few years now, and it always amazes me how excited I can get before a game, especially opening day. Once again the games was a great time, the competitive juices where flowing, mixed in with a few good laughs. The line of the night had to of come from a new member on the team Liz. As we took the field for the second inning Liz, who was in right field, said to our first baseman Tim “Why isn’t the other team out on the field too?”. While Liz might not yet grasp all the rules, or subtle nuances of Kickball yet, she along with the other three new team members, Aaron, Kelsey, and Lisa learned a lot last night, a trial by fire if you will. I’m really looking forward to the 2010 season. I signed up not knowing if I would even be able to field a team, but I got a sneaky suspicion this is going to be a pretty good season. Monday’s might have been a good move.

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