Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fall Ball!

Man it has been a long time since I have made a post to the blog.  Sorry about that, and I still need to get more pictures up from the tournament.  Hopefully this post will provide me with the much needed motivation to get that done along with a couple of other posts.

I just came from the Fall League Kickball meeting, and fall ball is going to be a little different than what we are use to.  The main thing is that I am doing this one from the seat of my pants and don't have a lot of commitment from people, so getting a team over those 5 weeks should prove to be a challenge.  The way the schedule works out is that we play for 5 weeks, the first two weeks we only play one game a night.  The next 3 we play double headers as usual, although some games start a little late (around 8:45).  I will post the schedule to avoid confusion.  The best part is we either play at CP2 or MCF which means we always have a bathroom and bad umps....

I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to playing in the cooler weather, as long as we dress for it shouldn't be an issue and should give us the "football atmosphere" of competition.  I saw most of our competition there tonight and I'm pretty sure we will be one of the only teams "bringing the heat" this season.  

I have added something to the team this fall season on a trial run.  For a few years Bonsall has been "Captain" of the team although he hasn't worn the 'C' on his chest.  I thought in honor of trying something new (Fall League) we will add a Co-Captain.  I figure a Co-Ed team should have Co-Ed Co-Captain's, John McCain also inspired me by picking a smokin' hot VP (obviously this is photoshopped).  My selections is based on a number of things, but in the end I picked a girl that leads by example and with words (even though they are often mean and hurtful).  Congratulations Autum, you are the first Co-Ed Co-Captain ever in the history of the world (as far as I know).  I was considering calling this short season "Autum Ball", but that was way to much word play and...well in a word gratuitous.

Shannon was a very strong and very very close second place vote, however, I didn't think the captains should share a bed.  That much power in one family, they could turn against me and I can't have that.

Our first game is September 12th at 8:45pm...it's late I know, but I'm happy to report we will have a place to stay warm until the game and that very same bosom will welcome us back after the game to a warm whiskey smelling embrace, and that bosom belongs to Nerissa.  It's her 25th birthday and she wanted to make sure that everyone from our team could make it.  No real detail are set yet but look for them soon, probably a bar close to the field in Royal Oak or Ferndale area.  If I had a vote it would be in Danny's (not in Canada).  Either way it should be a good time.  Three birthday's in three weeks is going to cause my liver to pack up and leave me, don't forget about Cross' this friday and Ted VonSchmiddleshit's was last week.

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